Update !

Greetings to those of you who still haven’t given up on my blog !

It became 2017 and now we’re in May .-. I can’t believe it..

I’ve been so caught up with my education and then procrastination , coming together with it as a one package deal ,  that time passed by so fast.

Anyways, I currently have a somewhat break (10 days) before finals and will try to update as soon as I could.

Thank you and good luck to everyone ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


What I Devoured On Oct + News

Greetings from the night stars and my lazy self ,

Seeing as October has ended aka temporary perishment , I decided to share what I read ’till now ! On September , I tried to get rid of my foolish reading slump that has slowed me down for about two months :\ therefore I fought against university odds and attempted to devour as much as I can under the new current + environment.With my researches plummeting me left and right , I survived ! though they were not that troublesome but let’s allow some drama to appear for once at least .  

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A New Country To Embrace


Hello !

If you haven’t noticed yet , I changed my theme and did a few changes to the blog x) More yet to come though.

I also had a blast visiting my cousins from trying out some restaurants to watching a horror movie every night spent with them ~ (besides appearing like a gluttonous person with my love for food) Putting my short visit aside , I did something ‘new’ this summer ! I went to a new continent well the bottom half of it *cough*. Guess where…

{Warning : a lot of emoticons/emojis may be used in this post and it shall brighten your day + weird you out , you have been forewarned. }

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Hello After Forever

Hey to whoever is reading this ,

It is September 2016 (4 months to go)

I am alive and well but I haven’t been posting a lot , since forever,

due to my busy schedule aka life :\ !

Blog posts require more effort than other communication methods but I do prefer writing posts more ;P

Anyways since I’m a late September baby + About to start uni in a few weeks

I decided to ‘try’ to return to posting 😀  !

Sharing my fun is one way to make it immortal *cough* since we’re mortals with eternal memories.

Luckily I’m visiting my cousins for 4 days or so then I’ll try to post about my traveling , reading , and new things I’d like to share ~  I’ll also need to change my theme since a new start needs a new atmosphere  x)

Have a splendid day/night *^* ~


Back Again ~

Good Afternoon ~

It’s been a really long time since I’ve last posted something on this blog >< !

This year was a bit hectic and I could barely catch up with social media .

I had to take a couple of exams for university admissions.

Anyways , I finally have a long vacation (3 months) which is Summer Vacation *^* ~

I might post about my trip to Munich & Paris (2014) , books I’ve read/bought , tv shows I’ve been watching and other stuff x) 

I’ll probably spend my Summer Vacation avoiding the sun but who cares ?~ 

Enjoy your day & 


What I read n will ~

Hi ~
I’ve spent my vacation doin’ useless things >< ! Then it came to an end so fast T^T .. But i did one thing that made me glad and happy 😀 ~ I read the first two volumes of Shiro Ari that my cousin bought for me *~* Since I've never went to Kinokuniya in America (neither did my cousin xP) they gave him a hand-written paper in Japanese ~ < I got excited even though it was their branch's location on the paper xD ! Here's the picture :

^ plus the chocolate I got from mom *O*

See you in another lame lovely post 😉 ~