What I read n will ~

Hi ~
I’ve spent my vacation doin’ useless things >< ! Then it came to an end so fast T^T .. But i did one thing that made me glad and happy 😀 ~ I read the first two volumes of Shiro Ari that my cousin bought for me *~* Since I've never went to Kinokuniya in America (neither did my cousin xP) they gave him a hand-written paper in Japanese ~ < I got excited even though it was their branch's location on the paper xD ! Here's the picture :

^ plus the chocolate I got from mom *O*

See you in another lame lovely post 😉 ~


London Pt.2 ~


How are you people?


Lots of things happened :

I got to wear Xitsonga’s traditional clothes (was forced to ),  but ironically

enjoyed it XP ! We danced a South African dance ~ and sang songs out loud 😀

Then on New Year’s eve my father and I went to get an ice cream cake. < the cream was tasteless !

Also during the past week and half of this one , I had finals (which sucks..) and while I was taking

a test in school , my cousin brought what I ordered from Kinokuniya (next post) T^T

I had to wait ’till the end of exams to open ’em !

Back to the topic, here are my purchases  *~*

Enjoy ~

1- I found a wasabi popcorn ! super yummy *0*


That day people kept staring at me as If I was a weirdo because I was closing one of my eyes by my hand (all because of the stupid contacts >< ). Then while I was walking with my younger sister , I was hungry and discovered the Wapop ~ < Wasabi popcorn xD

2- Harry Potter things ~


I almost screamed when I saw this box XD ! It has all the stuff that Harry had in the movies like

the Dumbledore’s army list and Hogwarts letter *^*


A wand ! Plus I saw Voldemort’s and casted a spell using it XD ! (“Avada Kedavra”).


Gryffindor’s Cardigan ~  I remember being penniless when I got my eyes on it ._. So I ran and looked for mom and asked her for the money. She came with me to see what I wanted then I bought it happily with my siblings’ mockery . < Worth it !

I was so excited to go to Japan Centre for days O(≧∇≦)O

They had some of manga that I wanted and had pocky (didn’t buy it -.- ) also some magazines, but not the ones I was looking for . My family got out of there and I was left alone < I almost forgot they were outside waiting XD

It was fun ~ 。(⌒∇⌒。)

Seeing these pictures again, brought that feeling of joy from back then. T^T 

Guess that’s it everybody.