Liebester Award :) ~


I would like to thank sylphalchemist for nominating me 😀 , even though I’ve been gone for about a year ._.  It never came to my mind that I would ever win an award in wordpress xD

Plus I was quite shocked when I read my website’s link (checked it twice :$). 

Liebester Award Nomination Rules: “Click here

Random Facts about 秋が長くなる〜 (Akiganagakunaru/me):

1- I hate tomatoes and pickles.

2- I like to try new kinds of food.

3- An introvert xP

4- I get bored of things so quickly ._.

5- I love learning languages *^*

6- My personality is : INTJ

7- I’m stubborn which makes me never back out from a discussion xD

8- Optimistic person ( looking for the bright side in everything).

9- Sarcastic personality

10- I prefer and love sweet food over/more than salty.

10.5- I’m very bad when it comes to writing facts about myself because I don’t know myself really well xD

11- I like to use emoji and emoticons to express my emotions 🙂


The questions from Sylphalchemist:

1.Favorite book?

Why is the first question the hardest ? I can’t favour one book over another therefore I’ll choose my current favourite ‘books’ since they always change :

– Clockwork Princess (from the Infernal Devices series) by Cassandra Clare

– And Then There Were None

2. Favorite genre?

My favourite genre differs depending on my mood..

I mainly favour adventure  but it is always accompanied with comedy so Adventure and comedy 😀 ~

3.Favorite Sailor Scout?

I like them all  ! I loved Sailor Mars when I was younger ( I used to color her in coloring books) even though I didn’t watch the series during my childhood but I watched it a few years ago (Don’t kill me people ..My brother influenced most of my childhood) :$

4. Iphone or Android?

I prefer Iphone over Android because it has more diversity of apps and I own one. xD


5.Every break a bone?

If you meant “ever broke a bone?” , then the answer is No 🙂 but I used to have dishes fall on my face and have wounds from fighting with my cousins.

6.Any pets?

I unfortunately don’t have any pets , but I used to have two noisy birds (one killed the other and the murderer flew from the cage a year after). xP ~


7.Can you tell me a scary story (either real or fictional) and what is it?

 – Once upon a time , there was a married couple with a son. One day , the husband died leaving his wife and child. In the funeral , the wife falls in love with a man and that evening she kills her son. Why do you think she did it? If you think she did it to see that man again , then you have the same mind as a murderer 😀 ! (This is an urban legend mind test , there’s a manga that talks about it and it’s called Toshi Densetsu *^* )

– In someplace far far away , a witch lived in an old house. When a child entered the house thinking it’s haunted or empty  , the witch would hold him/her captive and zip their mouths with threads then empty their bodies from organs which would kill them eventually < she put the corpses in trash bags into trash cans. 


8.Do you like desserts?

Sure ! I love desserts *^* ~ Crème brûlée , Tiramisu , cheesecakes , cakes , cookies.. the list is endless ❤


9.Favorite type of fragrance?

Hmmm… a certain type of vanilla fragrance but not all vanilla perfumes are that good in my opinion.


10.Heels or no heels?

No heels, I usually wear sneakers.


11.Do you know another language besides English?

I know how to speak Arabic , English , some French, a bit of Japanese.

I’m learning French , Korean , Japanese 🙂 I hope to improve in these languages ~


My Liebster Award Nominations:

As I said before , I was inactive for almost a year because i was busy with life ._. I can’t believe I almost abandoned this blog ! This year was full of projects and exams and infinite exams :\ Anyways I’m not sure if my nominees will keep the chain but I nominate :

Ariel In Kawaiiland  



My Questions :

1. Your preferable place to relax?

2. Favourite cuisine ?

3. What are some of your dreams ?

4. A story from your childhood.

5. Favourite fairytale?

6. Favourite anime/manga?

7. Your hobbies?

8. Language/s you’re learning ?

9. Your native language?

10. Favourite subject?

11. Where do you want to travel?


Je finie ~ I’m finished 😀

I apologize for not posting for almost a year but I’ll try to be active during this week and the next before 2014 ends *^*

Thank you for the nomination and reading this post  ❤ ~

Work hard people ! 16 days before the start of 2015 ! Let’s do our best and live well ;D





2 thoughts on “Liebester Award :) ~

  1. sylphalchemist says:

    😀 yay! Thanks for posting ~

    You’re the same like me when it comes to posting about yourself – after bullet #5, I couldn’t think of anything else to write ^^; (you made it farther than me though haha!)
    And love love love emojis ~ They can convey so much that words can’t ☯‿☯✿

    • aki092 says:

      You’re welcome x) I was quite surprised & happy to be nominated ~ Aha so we have similar personalities then ?
      It took me a long while to write the facts than to answer the Qs xD Yep ! emojis demonstrate emotions when we can’t use words to explain them ^~^ ~

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