Taberarechai Na Yo! Chapter 4 ~

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“Because I’ve always been watching you.” (Let the creepiness begin 🙂 ~ )

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Taberarechai Na Yo ! Chapter 3 Translation


Good Evening 

I’ve been pretty productive during this vacation ~ 

Baked cookies , made some mashed potatoes , a–nd translated a chapter of a manga

I’ve always wanted to try translating from J –> E

So , since it’s Summer Vacation I thought why not >~< 

and tried translating a chapter of a manga x) ~

It’s called Taberarechai Na Yo ! ~

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Back Again ~

Good Afternoon ~

It’s been a really long time since I’ve last posted something on this blog >< !

This year was a bit hectic and I could barely catch up with social media .

I had to take a couple of exams for university admissions.

Anyways , I finally have a long vacation (3 months) which is Summer Vacation *^* ~

I might post about my trip to Munich & Paris (2014) , books I’ve read/bought , tv shows I’ve been watching and other stuff x) 

I’ll probably spend my Summer Vacation avoiding the sun but who cares ?~ 

Enjoy your day &