Update !

Greetings to those of you who still haven’t given up on my blog !

It became 2017 and now we’re in May .-. I can’t believe it..

I’ve been so caught up with my education and then procrastination , coming together with it as a one package deal ,  that time passed by so fast.

Anyways, I currently have a somewhat break (10 days) before finals and will try to update as soon as I could.

Thank you and good luck to everyone ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ



What I Devoured On Oct + News

Greetings from the night stars and my lazy self ,

Seeing as October has ended aka temporary perishment , I decided to share what I read ’till now ! On September , I tried to get rid of my foolish reading slump that has slowed me down for about two months :\ therefore I fought against university odds and attempted to devour as much as I can under the new current + environment.With my researches plummeting me left and right , I survived ! though they were not that troublesome but let’s allow some drama to appear for once at least .  

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