Taberarechai Na Yo ! Chapter 3 Translation


Good Evening 

I’ve been pretty productive during this vacation ~ 

Baked cookies , made some mashed potatoes , a–nd translated a chapter of a manga

I’ve always wanted to try translating from J –> E

So , since it’s Summer Vacation I thought why not >~< 

and tried translating a chapter of a manga x) ~

It’s called Taberarechai Na Yo ! ~

It talks about a girl who’s always watching a dark-haired guy that’s outshone/annoyed by his sparkly friend. One day , the sparkly friend comes & tells her :”If you keep staring that hard , you’ll pierce a hole in me.” (that sounds so wrong >< ) then stuff happens. 

To be honest, this manga is more like comedy than romance at the beginning plus its strangeness .-. 

I like odd stuff so I don’t mind ~ 


For this manga, I didn’t translate the first nor the second chapter , they were done by Myree

 Manga from the start : Here

 I translated Chapter 3 : Here

Enjoy 😀 ~ 

Myrre , thanks again (*ノ▽ノ)


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