London, you’re extraordinary T^T ~

Hello ~

I’m back with a post about the trip to London with my family *^*

this post will be about where I went, and there will a second one about 

my purchases and what we ate ~ 

Our hotel was Victorian-themed , it even had an old elevator

took a blurry picture, but have a look:


^ Someone from the other side has to close the door, then the elevator would

work *^* ( My older sister was afraid that we would get trapped in there xD) 

And for the rooms , you get keys not cards and you give

them to the employees when you’re going out (since they’re heavy) and they

hang them in hooks on the wall like in old movies *^* 

I enjoyed staying there (ノ*゜▽゜*)

So before I start, I wanted to show this picture :


^ I don’t know where I took it, but I loved it xP

And here are the pictures (not in sequence, and click on images to see ’em in their original size ):


Went to Big Ben (took lots of pictures there XD)

And saw something interesting while walking :


^ They were next to each other xD

(I kept singing : “And I would give up forever to touch you ~” for the rest of the walk x$)

In another day , we went to London Eye ~


Enjoyed it there , and discovered new things nearby (ate candy floss <3) ~

In a rainy day , we went to Nike world then I saw this:


^ When I saw the snake , I thought of Slytherin *^* so I had to

take a picture instantly !

After that , we head to Westfield ❤ : 


^ I’ll talk about it more in the 2nd post 😉

And my favourite was Harrods because:

1- It had a Huge candy store >~<

2- It had a section (in Toy Kingdom) that was for Harry Potter

stuff *^* < paradise ~

3- Had a disney-themed restaurant ( wait for it in the 2nd post ;D)


^ a picture of the Disney-themed restaurant

To the Harry Potter Section :




Also went to Hyde Park , there I found a magnificent statue *^*:


^ Under the soldier on the horse , there was 

a dragon that was slayed  O(≧▽≦)O:

IMG_0817 1

^ LOVED IT (*¬*)

Guess that’s it ._.  because I’m saving up the best for later >~< 

So see you soon ~