Update !

Greetings to those of you who still haven’t given up on my blog !

It became 2017 and now we’re in May .-. I can’t believe it..

I’ve been so caught up with my education and then procrastination , coming together with it as a one package deal ,  that time passed by so fast.

Anyways, I currently have a somewhat break (10 days) before finals and will try to update as soon as I could.

Thank you and good luck to everyone ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ



A New Country To Embrace


Hello !

If you haven’t noticed yet , I changed my theme and did a few changes to the blog x) More yet to come though.

I also had a blast visiting my cousins from trying out some restaurants to watching a horror movie every night spent with them ~ (besides appearing like a gluttonous person with my love for food) Putting my short visit aside , I did something ‘new’ this summer ! I went to a new continent well the bottom half of it *cough*. Guess where…

{Warning : a lot of emoticons/emojis may be used in this post and it shall brighten your day + weird you out , you have been forewarned. }

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